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Angular Weekly Newsletter 1st to 12th October 2019

| By Maina Wycliffe | | | Newsletter

I am excited to announce my new Weekly Newsletter on Angular (and Related News of course). I am going to be sharing interesting articles that I come across every week. This being the first one, I thought I give myself some latitude and start at the beginning of this month.

1. Understanding RxJS Multicast Operators by Netanel Basal

RxJS multicast operators, better known as sharing operators, are probably the most complicated topic to understand in the jungle that is RxJS. In this article, I’ll try to clarify the subject by looking at it in a different way.

The key to really comprehend them is to understand the mechanism behind them, and the problem which they solve.

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2. 10 Things Every Angular Developer Should Know About Zone.js By Matthias Junker

Every developer should know the basics about Zone.js

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3. Using Angular CLI Schematics by Chris Engelsma

Angular Schematics were introduced by the Angular team in 2018, and it provides an API to generate and manage files in your Angular project, as well as providing any required dependencies. Think of it like a templating tool.

In this article, I will show you how you can leverage the built-in schematics to streamline your Angular development.

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4. Speed up your App with Web Workers by Kent C. Dodds

You know how you can have multiple tabs open in your browser? Each one of those tabs is running the JavaScript for that page in its own thread. So just because JavaScript is single-threaded, doesn’t mean the browser can’t spin up multiple threads to run different JavaScript files.

Web Workers are a browser standard that enables you to do just that! And you can even communicate between those different threads (with some limitations, which we won’t get into in this post).

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5. Angular Cross Component Communication by Mehmet Cüneyt Dalan

It is very common need to interact with the other component while developing any kind of frameworks or libraries. In angular there are ways to do it.

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6. Angular Forms Several Ways: Reactive, Nested, Across Routes by Jennifer Wadella

Dealing with forms is rarely simple anymore. Many SaaS products offer highly customizable setups managed by complex and dynamic forms. Knowing how to use Angulars ControlContainer will give you more control, heh, over managing your forms.

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7. Focus First Invalid Input with Angular Forms by Cory Rylan

When dealing with required inputs on a form sometimes the user can miss

a required field. When this happens, it can be confusing for users what needs to be resolved to continue in the form. With Angular Forms, we can help the user by focusing the first invalid input when they submit the form.

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That’s it for this issue, see you next week.

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